This functionality uses Google Maps and the Zoopla property results to enable users to create their own unique search areas by dragging a path using the mouse (or their finger on a touch device.)

From an existing development prototype, I ran small-scale usability tests and used the findings to create interface wireframes. I tested these paper prototypes with another small set of users before settling on a final approach, which I then wireframed and created the interface visual elements. Months after launch, we ran fullscale usability tests on the desktop and tablet views of the website and implemented further usability improvements.

The main challenge was making the interface’s features firstly easily discoverable, and then intuitive to use. Visually distinct treatments for the different interface states (creating, editing and deleting points and shapes) were key in communicating the current state of the interface, and what actions the user could perform.

Start a property search using Smartmaps


UX/UI Designer

In-house at Zoopla